Shopping Secrets

1.  Name and Color Confusion

Almost every retailer sells mattresses with different model names and colors making it very hard to shop around.
Years ago every store carried the same model names and colors and it was easy to shop for beds.  However, some retail stores preferred larger profits and encouraged the manufacturers to produce exclusive names and colors, giving the ability to charge almost anything each store wanted.
Many bed sellers will offer bold promises and monetary guarantees that you can’t find their items for less and of course you can’t since they are the only one’s who have their specific names and colors.
Even with the name and color variations, you should be able to easily see and feel a big difference between what Mattress Market gives to our customers compared to what anyone else gives to their customers at any given price level.

2.  Nothing Is Really Free

Many retailers claim to offer “free frames” and “free delivery.”  Nothing is really free, they are just built into their price.
We would love to know where these bed sellers get their “free frames” at and where they find delivery men with trucks and gas who are willing to provide “free delivery.”
At Mattress Market we do not attempt to fool the public into thinking that we offer free items or services when they know better.  There is no need to pay hidden charges for items or services that may not be needed.  We like everyone to know their options and decide what they need or want for themselves.  If you purchase a set from us we offer you a frame (with wheels) for the current wholesale cost of $24.00 in twin or full size, $30.00 in queen size and $45.00 in king size.  Local delivery is paid directly to the driver, who currently gets $35.00 for twin, $40.00 for full, $45.00 for queen and $55.00 for king.  Or, we offer to strap any bed onto almost any car with strong, disposable straps that we provide.  We have sent hundreds of customers on highways to far destinations and thousands of customers locally and have never lost any strapped on items.  And our whole warehouse is on-site at our store allowing instant pick up on virtually every item.

3.  Bait and Switch

Some retailers practice “bait and switch,” which means that they advertise an item to get you into their store only to find it out of stock.  This gives them the ability to attempt to upsell you to what they do have in stock, which they would prefer to sell.
At Mattress Market we always stock what we advertise and if we ever do run out of that item, we offer you a free upgrade to the next, better model.

4.  Fake Markdowns

Many bed sellers will mark their items up just so that they can pretend to mark them down in an attempt to make you think that you are getting a genuine bargain.
At Mattress Market our beds are priced to fly out of the door.  People often get “reverse sticker shock” at our store because our prices are so low.

5.  Comfort Guarantee Destinations

Many mattress retailers offer comfort guarantees.  If you purchase a bed from any company offering a comfort guarantee, you are taking a chance that you will get a mattress that was already slept on in someone else’s house.  Selling used beds is unethical and illegal in Pennsylvania unless they are chemically treated and tagged with a yellow law tag.  Manufacturers generally won’t take back a bed unless there is an authorized manufacturer defect, not comfort adjustment returns.  You can then use your imagination to figure out if the bed sellers simply throw them away at a total loss, chemically treat them and put on a yellow law tag and sell them at an almost total loss, or reseal the bag and sell it to an unsuspecting customer.
At Mattress Market we protect our customers who can feel safely assured that their beds are brand new.  There is sometimes an adjustment period on a new bed, but if you absolutely can’t adjust to your new bed we will give you a new mattress at the wholesale cost (you keep both mattresses).  Even by keeping both mattresses you will usually end up at a lower cost than our competitors when using their comfort guarantee.

6.  Coil Counts

Some retailers will give customers coil counts based on how many coils are in a queen or king size mattress even if the customer is shopping for a twin or full size.  It is sometimes hard to check to see if you are told the truth.
Many customers have heard that more coils in the mattress means it is better.  Generally, the more coils the better, but it also depends how thick the coils are, how wide the coils are, how high the coils are, how many turns are in the coils, how the coils are connected, whether it is an individual or continuous coil unit and whether the coil unit has been tempered or dual tempered (which means baked in an oven for memory).
Not only are there many different types of coil units but there are other important considerations, such as padding, insulating materials and even just the outer material on the top of the bed can alter the price and the feel of the bed, even through a sheet and mattress pad.
Generally, the higher level mattress sets last longer and retain their new feel the longest.
At Mattress Market when someone asks about coil counts we try to take the time to explain every point in detail whenever possible.

7.  Boxsprings

Boxsprings are important and there are many different types.  The cheaper kind usually has a board across the top which is usually cardboard held up by wood.  These sometimes get a creaky sound and are not as strong and durable as the type that have a metal grid across the top held up by metal bars with wood only at the bottom.    Mattress Market now offers and recommends steel boxes on all sets but we also stock the board type boxes.  We like to show our customers and explain the differences.


At Mattress Market we know that the secret to long term success is making customers very happy with out products, services and ethics, keeping them coming back and recommending us to their friends and relatives.  We enjoy a very high rate of repeat customers, supplying beds for their whole families.  We also get many new customers sent to us by previous customers.  We are very happy and grateful.


    A very well written post.I enjoyed reading it .This for giving useful tips while purchasing a mattress .

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  3. Christine Van Tassel

    We appreciate you and your business. Thank you for helping us to furnish our home under budget but without sacrificing comfort or quality. You save us a tremendous amount of time because you are trustworthy and knowledgeable.

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