Helpful Hints

1. Make sure all information on your sales slip is correct, including address, phone number, delivery date and any special times and instructions.

2. Check measurements in hallways and doorways if you are putting a larger sized bed than you previously had. Keep in mind that a queen box will sometimes not fit and split boxes must be ordered at an additional charge. This can also happen in full size, occasionally.

3. Have the room ready for your new bedding.

4. Have exact change if C.O.D. is due.

5. Any loose threads should be cut and not pulled.

6. New bedding sometimes has a slight odor, this will disappear quickly.

7. No one should jump on bedding. Jumping quickly destroys the mattress, boxspring, and frame and can be very dangerous.

8. Slight impressions may appear, which is normal. Flip your new mattress more often during the “break in” period, if your mattress is flippable.

9. Flip your mattress often, if it is flippable. We recommend at least once a month for the first 6 months, then once every 6 months. Turn your mattress over occasionally from head to toe. Rotate your mattress from head to toe often if it is not flippable.

10. Smoking in bed can be hazardous to you, your family and neighbors.

11. If your mattress has handles, we recommend that you not use them because they are generally not covered under manufacturer warranty. Other precautions should be taken to protect the manufacturer warranty, including the following:
a. use a mattress pad for protection from stains
b. queen and king sets should have proper center supports on the frames
c. never fold or bend your mattress
d. do not use an old, soft or non-supportive boxspring or foundation
e. do not remove the white law tags

12. Most mattresses are no longer made flippable, however it is recommended to occasionally flip them anyway and put some convoluted egg crate foam or other type of padding on it and sleep on that side.  This will tend to push the mattress back the other way so that your mattress can last longer.

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